Act of War

Act of War - Dale Brown

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Title: Act of War

Series: -----

Author: Dale Brown

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 432




The United States gets nuked. With the potential for more. A military science geek has been working on a powered exoskeleton for infantry and gets his chance to showboat.

However, sinister forces lurk in the background and may bring ruin and mayhem to all that Americans hold most dear [ie, themselves].


My Thoughts:

This was recommended to me by somebody, but I didn't write a private note on who it was before I added it to my TBR list, so now I can't remember.

So thank you Nameless Person who isn't really Nameless but I Just Forgot.

If you know who you are, please let me know because I really needed this read at this time and I'd like to thank you.


This was flufferific. Nothing but action and mecha and badguys getting their collective asses kicked all over. And the best part? Lots of them are old school commies and commie pinkos! Nothing I like better than a good commie bashing.


The bad was the United States getting nuked. I am NOT a Superman IV kind of guy, but the use of nukes scares me pants-less, like it is supposed to!


My only other experience with Dale Brown is the book Hammerheads, from back in highschool. All I remember about that is some guys with sledgehammers bashing a plane apart, or something. So I don't know if this book is typical or not, but I'll probably get a couple more for when I need some blow'em up action that's easy on the plot.