The Plague (Classic) (Buddy Read)

The Plague - John Schoenherr, Albert Camus, Teddy Keller

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Title: The Plague

Series: -----

Author: Albert Camus

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Classic Literature

Pages: 400




A small French town contracts the Plague and this is the rather detached and unemotional account of it all.


My Thoughts:

I did a Buddy Read of the Plague  with Cleo.


To be perfectly honest, I hated this book. Every single character had the focus on their bad side. Even if it was a mediocre, blase apathetic bad side. You see everyone as a petty character acting pettily. Even the Dr, who fights the plague with everything in him, is fatalistic and rather laise-faire in his attitude.


Camus is pretty heavy-handed in allowing his philosophy to color this book. Which isn't surprising but not necessarily pleasant.


Camus deserves to have this called a Classic. It is well written, a good depiction of a sub-section of humanity and it tells a good tale. I am glad I read this. But I'm glad I go to the dentist too, so keep that in mind.


Hopefully next month's Classic read will be a bit more upbeat.