The Plague: I've read Part III & IV. (Buddyread Update): I've read 88%.

The Plague - John Schoenherr, Albert Camus, Teddy Keller

Reading the Plague by Camus as a buddyread with Cleo.


Been in a reading slump all week and today it continued full bore so I was in no mood for any of Camus's Literary tricks.


What a dumbass.


A LOT of soapboxing and pseudo-philosophizing goes on. Camus pulls out the old argument about children's suffering and God and goes on about how wonderful and innocent, etc, etc Children [with the capital C] are. Child suffering is a trigger point for me and has been ever since my college days when I got to see a leukemia survivor deal with a broken back 4 years after her remission. She was 10 years old.

So for Camus to pull it up and then just airily use it very one-sidedly to advance his particular view really made me angry. If he'd had an honest and frank discussion about the goodness of God and suffering I might have been a bit more understanding.


Camus also seemed to be aiming for a much more Literary Tone with these sections, almost like he was aware of History and wanted to make his mark. Much like most egotistical authors who think the world and universe can't live without their input.


In ending, Mr Camus would get a fork in the eye from me right now. Partly because of my mood but partly because he's a Literary Ass who thinks too highly of himself.