The Plague: I've read Part II. (Buddyread Update)

The Plague - John Schoenherr, Albert Camus, Teddy Keller

Reading the Plague by Camus as a buddyread with Cleo.



Part II deals with the Plague at its worst, or so I'm assuming.  The town is quarantined, people are dying by the thousands and things are just bad.


But you still get complete jerks like the journalist Rambert who thinks that the quarantine shouldn't apply to him because he's in love with a woman outside the town. I could NOT understand his thinking one bit. What does being in love have to do with being a potential plague bearer? I'm sure Camus is making some point with this character but all I know is that I'd like to shoot this Rambert for being such an ass.


A question did arise in my mind, as this part takes at least 3 months. By the end of Part II, things were being rationed, but where did everything come from before that? A town of 200,000 quarantined for 3 months, well, your local Shaws Grocery isn't going to be able to supply THAT! And it mentions 'gates' being closed. Was this a walled in town?

Things from the past and another place that I don't understand.


And that is it for me for now.