The Plague: I've read Part I. (Buddyread Update)

The Plague - John Schoenherr, Albert Camus, Teddy Keller

Reading the Plague by Camus as a buddyread with Cleo.


First, this is a Gutenburg edition I am reading. The first 10% was a bunch of info about Albert Camus, repeated in various ways to stretch things out and to make it appear that this book was indeed a Classic [feel free to imagine the Air Quotes].


The story itself is set in a sleepy town where people just want to live their lives and not have things disrupted, especially not by a Plague.The following were some quotes that stood out to me and my thoughts on them.


They fancied themselves free, and no one will ever be free so long as there are pestilences.


As a Christian, I believe in the total fallen'ness of humanity's nature. Everything is flawed. Our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies. There will be plagues and various ills until the end of time and as such, we will not be free until that Fallen Nature is destroyed and the New Nature of Man is revealed.



All he desired was the prospect of a life suitably insured on the material side by honest work, enabling him to devote his leisure to his hobbies.


That was like looking in a mirror. Almost scarily so.



...because an author has more rights than ordinary people, as everybody knows. People will stand much more from him.


Ha! That sense of entitlement and general swine'ishness is alive and well today!



To wrap this up. I am enjoying this little book [less than 300 pages thankfully] and look forward to posting my thoughts each Saturday. This can also be followed in the Classics Group if you so wish.